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Para averiguar el nivel de Inglés según los aciertos:

The Speakout Placement test is designed as a diagnostic tool for use at the beginning of a course. It will help the teacher to place students at the correct level in groups of similar ability and/or to decide what pace and approach to adopt. The test has a multiple choice format of 200 questions and covers the grammatical structures and vocabulary in the six levels of Speakout. Two versions (A and B) of the test are provided so that students can be divided into two groups while administering the tests.

If you have some idea of your students’ level, you could direct them to answer specific parts of the test.

Suggested entry points are:

  1. For Starter and Elementary level students, questions 1-50
  2. For Pre-intermediate level students, questions 51-100
  3. For Intermediate level students, questions 101-150
  4. For Upper Intermediate and Advanced level students, questions 150-200

Scoring and placement

  1. 0–15 = Starter level
  2. 15-30 = Elementary Unit 1
  3. 31-50 = Elementary Unit 7
  4. 51-75 = Pre-intermediate Unit 1
  5. 76-100 = Pre-intermediate Unit 7
  6. 101-125 = Intermediate Unit 1
  7. 126-150 = Intermediate Unit 6
  8. 151-170 = Upper Intermediate Unit 1
  9. 171-185 = Upper Intermediate Unit 6
  10. 186+ = Advanced level

It is important to note that the placement test is not designed to test listening, speaking or writing skills. A short oral interview, alone or in pairs, would give you a more realistic picture of the learners’ communicative ability and help you decide if he/she should be placed at a slightly higher or lower level than that indicated by the placement test. If feasible, a short piece of writing would also help your final evaluation.