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Apuntes 1º Intermediate

Unit 7 – 1º Intermediate

UNIT 7.A EXTRAORDINARY SCHOOL FOR BOYS GRAMMAR: FIRST CONDITIONAL AND FUTURE TIME CLAUSES + WHEN, UNTIL, ETC. 1.- Affirmative Subject + will    +   if + present simple ↓                    … Continue Reading →

Unit 6 – 1º Intermediate

UNIT 6.A – SHOT ON LOCATION GRAMMAR: THE PASSIVE: BE + PAST PARTICIPLE Si cogemos una frase en voz activa como: They finished the film (Ellos terminaron la película) y la convertimos en voz pasiva: The film was finished (La… Continue Reading →

Unit 5 – 1º Intermediate

UNIT 5.A – SPORTING SUPERSTITIONS Do or play sport, never practise sport Take or do exercise, never practise exercise DO: pilates, yoga, karate, athletics, tai-kondo, tai-chi, rhytmic gymnastic,… GO: swimming, skating, running, cicling, skiing, hiking/trekking, climbing, windsurfing, canoeing, rafting,… PLAY:… Continue Reading →

Unit 4 – 1º Intermediate

UNIT 4.A – FAILURE AND SUCCESS CAN, COULD, BE ABLE TO Can is a modal verb. It only has a present form (which can be used with future meaning) and a past or conditional form (could). For all other tenses… Continue Reading →

Unit 3 – 1º Intermediate

UNIT 3.A – RACE ACROSS LONDON COMPARATIVE AND SUPERLATIVE (page 136) Comparative Superlative Old Big Easy Modern Bored Good Bad Far older bigger easier more modern more bored better worse further/farther   the oldest the biggest the easiest the most modern… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 – 1º Intermediate

UNIT 2.A – SPEND OR SAVE? LISTEN TO A SONG ABOUT MONEY AND COMPLETE THE BLANKS WITH ONE WORD. These are some of the missing words: afford     blow     broke     credit card     earn… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 – 1º Intermediate

UNIT 1.A – MOOD FOOD LISTENING New York City is a bustling metropolis (“full of people moving about in a busy way”) but now one restaurant (Eat in Brooklyn) is offering its customers the chance to escape the chaos.… Continue Reading →

Unit Introduction – 1º Intermedio

Voy a publicar en este blog mis apuntes de 1º de Intermedio de Inglés de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas conforme los vaya pasando a limpio, otros años los pasaba a Word y los guardaba en pdf, pero me resulta… Continue Reading →

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