Speaking 4ª parte

Más interacciones para la preparación del examen oral, interacciones, de 2º de Básico de Inglés.

Concerts and music

In a concert

Talk to you partner about the last time you went to a concert or downloaped a CD:


– Hi! Do you like the music?
– Yes, I do
– What kind of music do you litsen to?
– I litsen from pop music to classical music. All most anything.
– When did you last go a concert?
– I went last year
– Who played?
– They played Duncan Dhu
– Where was it?
– It was in Huesca, in the Palacio de Congresos
– Did you like it?
– Yes, I liked it
– How much was the ticket?
– I don’t remember. I think it costed about twenty-five Euros
– How long was the concert?
– It lasted about one hour and a half
– Sorry, time to go, see you soon!
– See you soon!

Student A: Your answers:

This Saturday in the School Hall!
Concert of Songs from Italy
Song by Luisa Miller with James Johnson (Piano)
All tickets: £3
7:30 pm

Student B: Your questions:

student ticket? £?


– Hi!, how are you?
– Fine, thanks, and you?
– Fine!. Do you like the music?
– Yes, I do
– Could you give me some information about the next concert?
– Yes, what do you need?
– Where is the next concert going to be held? (= or Where is the next concert to take place?)
– It’s going to be in the School Hall
– When is it going to start?
– I’ll check about the day
– What time is it going to start?
– It’s going to start at half past seven p.m.
– What kind of music are they going to play?
– They are going to play Songs from Italy
– How much is the student ticket going to be?
– All tickets are going to cost 3 pounds
– Who is the singer going to be?
– She’s going to sing Luisa Miller together with James Johnson playing the piano
– I like them. I’m going to go to the concert
– Have a good time at the concert!


Music shop

Student A: Your questions:


Student B: Your answers:

Mark’s Music Centre
We have everything for your Band
Also CDs and music books
Fast repairs to drums and guitars
Open 10 am – 6pm Monday – Saturday
24, Half Moon Street


– Hi, do you know the new music shop?
– Yes, I do. I know it
– Do you give me some information about it?
– Yes, about this, what can I tell?
– What is its name?
– Its name is Mark’s Music Centre
– Where is it?
– It is in twenty-four of Half Moon Street
– What kind of things does it sell?
– You can buy everithing for your Band, also CDs and music books
– Do they repair to guitars?
– Yes, they repair them and drums
– When does it open? Does it open at Weekend?
– It closes on Sunday. It is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
– Thank you very much for the information you have given me. It’s going to be very useful.
– Welcome!


Going to the cinema

At the cinema

Student A: Your questions:
You are university students. You go to the ticket office to buy two tickets to see the film Avatar. You will have to use the clues given bellow:

Tickets / today/ five o’clock
How much?
University students discount?
Credit card?

Student B: Your answers:
You have this information:

New this week: Avatar
5pm (sold out) and 7 pm
Middle: £6.30 Back: £6.00
Students: Middle £5.30 Back £5.00
Cash and credit card


– Hi. I’d like two tickets for the film Avatar for today at five o’clock.
– I’m sorry there are no tickets left for five o’clock.
– Oh, can I have the tickets for the 7 o’clock performance then?
– Yes, what seats do you prefer? In the middle or at the back?
– In the middle, please.
– OK. Row 10, seats 5 and 6.
– Perfect. How much is it? –
– £6.30 each.
– Are there any discounts for students?
– Yes, of course. Tickets for university students are £5.30.
– OK. Then, can I have two tickets with the discount for students please? Can I pay by credit card?
– Yes, of course. It’s £11, please.
– Here you are.
– Thanks. Your tickets. Bye.
– Bye.


Un par de videos subtitulados

Matter of taste

Personality: What is she like?

Read the information about Eva and answer your partner’s questions.

Student A: Your answers:

Name: Eva Davidson
Likes: sing / in a choir
Hates: go /supermarket
Loves: have / meals with friends / at the weekend
Speends: too much time: decide / what to wear
Good at: speak / foreign languages

Student B: Your questions:

Like / do?
Hate / do?
Love / do / at weekend?
Speend too much time / do?
Good at / do?


A: Hi!, How are you?
B: Fine, thanks, and you?
A: Fine!, I’m meeting my friend Eva Davidson
B: Really, Eva Davidson, she’s an actress famous! What does she like doing?
A: She likes signing in a choir.
B: It is a nice hobby, and… what does she hate doing?
A: Once she told me that she hates going to supermarket.
B: That doesn’t surprise me, and… what does she love doing at weekend?
A: She leads a normal life. She loves having meals with friends at the weekend and when she
has free time.
B: Wondrous!, and… what does she spend too much time doing?
A: She really spends too much time deciding what to wear.
B: Oh, this is a bad habit. Is she good at anything?
A: Yes, she’s good at speak foreign languages.
B: I won’t keep you any longer. I hope you have a great time!
A: Goodbay!

Personality: What is he like?

Read the information about Tom and answer your partner’s questions.

Student B: Your answers:

Name: Tom Norman
Likes: be / on time
Hates: wear / suits
Loves: visit / his family / at the weekend
Speends: too much time: talk / on his mobile
Bad at: play / tennis

Student A: Your questions:

Like / do?
Hate / do?
Love / do / at weekend?
Speend too much time / do?
Bad at / do?


B: Hi!, How are you?
A: Fine, thanks, and you?
B: Fine!, I saw Tom Norman yesterday
A: Really, Tom Norman, I like him! What does he like doing?
B: He likes being on time. He’s very punctual.
A: The timeliness is a good habit, and … What does he hate doing?
B: According to his mother, he hates wearing suits.
A: He wears better jeans. And… what does he love doing at weekend?
B: He loves visiting his family at the weekend and whenever he can.
A: I love it!, and… what does he spend too much time doing?
B: He really spends too much time talking on his mobile.
A: Dear me!, Is he bad at anything?
B: Yes, He once confessed to me that he’s bad at play tennis.
A: I really don’t care. Could you present him to me?
B: If you want… no problem!
A: Good! We’ll meet
B: See you soon

Physical: What does he/she look like?

Básico: ojos y pelo:

Otro video también facilito:

Y nos dejamos ya de dibujos animados:

Dating Agency

Este es el diálogo que nos tocó (a mi compañera de clase y a mí) desarrollar en el examen de enero.
Se trataba de recrear una visita a una Agencia Matrimonial, con una primera parte de “registrar” al cliente, y una segunda de mostrarle candidatos para una cita.

– You are wellcome to dating Agency Lovers. First of all, I’ m going to
ask a few questions about you. Like this, we are going to do your profile.
Are you ready?
– Yes, I am
– What’s your name and your surname?
– My name is Ane, my surname is Parker
– How old are you?
– I’m forty-three
– What do you do?
– I’m an administrator
– Where do you live?
– I live in Huesca
– What’s your marital status?
– I’m single
– What’s your favorite activity?
– I like reading, specially detective and historical novels, besides I like
walking and playing tennis.
– What do you do in your free time?
– I like going for a walk, I love meeting my friends, I like going away
for the weekend. I like staying in country houses
– What kind of personality do you have?
– Well, I’m quiet and a little shy. I try to be kind to people
– What does your ideal partner look like?
– I don’t want a overweight man, I like slim men. I don’t want a bald
man. I like hairy men. I don’t mind everything else.
– What’s your ideal partner like?
– I like a man kind, generous, funny, friendly, clever…
– Well. This is it. Now, I’ ll show you some candidates’ photos. This
man is a doctor. He’s forty, He lives here. He likes dancing and coking…
– Sorry, I don’t like him. He isn’t my type.
– This other is a teacher, he works in Huesca but he’s from Zaragoza.
He’s very handsome. He likes reading, he loves his job. He’s the best for
– It’s fine, I like this one more than the other. I’d like to meet him…
– Well, we are going to set up a metting with him. We are talking
tomorrow about the meeting.
– See you tomorrow!