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En el post anterior de Interacciones de Expresión Oral de Inglés de 2º de Básico, hemos planeado vacaciones, hemos estado de viaje y hemos cogido un avión. Ahora visitaremos teatros, museos y alquilaremos un coche para movernos en vacaciones.

Pero antes de nada, un repaso a las indicaciones sobre direcciones y ubicaciones de los sitios que queramos visitar:

Asking for directions

At the theatre

Asking for information at the tourist information centre

Student A:
You have just arrived in London to spend a few days. You want to see the musical Chicago.
Go to the tourist information centre and ask for the following:

Long/it last?

Student B:
You have this information:

Booking Until: 30-Oct-2015
Matinees: Friday 5pm & Saturday 3:00
Evenings: Monday to Thursday and Saturday 8:00, Friday 8.30 pm
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Venue: Cambridge Theatre, Eariham Street, WC2 9HU
Directions: Closest tube station is Covent Garden/Leicester Square


– Morning. How can I help you?
– Good morning, I’d like to see the musical Chicago. Can you tell me which theatre it is on?
– Let’s see… Yes, it’s on at the Cambridge Theatre.
– What time is it on Fridays?
– There’s a matinee at 5 pm and an evening show at 8.30 pm.
– And how muchs is it?
– 59.75 pounds.
– How long does the show take?
– 2 hours and 20 minutes.
– And how can I get to the Cambridge Theatre?
– The best way is by tube. The closest stations are Covent Garden or Leicester Square.
– Thank you!
– Anything else?
– Yes,please, I need a tourist map.
– Yes, of course. We are here, and the theatre is this place. There are around a lot of historical monuments and buildings. You can read the most important information about points of interest. Please!
– Thanks. Bye.
– Bye-bye.

Getting information

Student A:: Here is some information about a play at theatre.

Burton Theatre: 15 Park Road
This week’s play: “Cats” by A. Webber
7.30 pm Monday-Saturday
Seats £15.00, £17.50, £20.00
Students: £12.50 (Mondays only)
Theatre Snack Bar: open before and after the play

Student B:: You don’t know anything about the play, so ask A some questions about it:

Student price?


A: Hi!, How are you?
B: Fine, thanks, and you?
A: Fine!. I’m going to the Theatre this evening
B: Oh, really?, Where is the theatre located?
A: The Burton Theatre is located at 15 Park Road, in opposite the Town Hall.
B: Right, it is centrally located. What is the name of the play?
A: Its name is “Cats” by Webber
B: Webber!, it is a good playwright. What time is it going to start?
A: It’s going to start at half past seven p.m. It’s represented from Monday to Saturday.
B: How much is the student ticket worth?
A: The student ticket costs twelve pounds fifty, but only on Mondays. The rest of the seats cost
15, 17.50 or 20 pounds, depending on the seat or place.
B: Not bad. Can you eat or drink in the Theatre?
A: Yes, there is a Snack Bar which is open before and after the play. Would you like to come
with me to the theatre this evening?
B: Yes, I would be glad to do it.
A: Let’s go then!

Pequeña variación con un “Football Match”

Student B:
Now Student B, it’s your turn to have some information. Here is some information about a football match:

City Stadium
Sat 14th March at 15.00
England vs. Scotland
Tickets: £35, £45, £75
No Parking – please come by bus or train.

Student A:
You don’t anything about the football march, so ask B some questions about it:

Cheapest ticket?
Car park?


B: Hi!, How are you?
A: Fine, thanks, and you?
B: Fine!. I’m seeing a football match next week in the City Stadium
A: Really?, What date is the match being?
B: On Saturday on the fortieth March
A: What teams are playing?
B: They are playing England and Scotland
A: What is the cheapest ticket to enter there?
B: The cheapest ticket costs 35 pounds, and the others cost 45 pounds and 75 pounds.
A: What time is the match starting?
B: It’s going to start at three p.m.
A: Is there car park? Could I go by car?
B: No, there isn’t parking at Stadium, but you can come by bus or train. You can take the train
and get off at Stadium station.
A: Why don’t we go there together?
B: Good, we could meet at station.
A: Fine, son you see!

Visiting a Museum

Asking for information at the tourist information centre

Student A:
You are spending a few days in London and are planning to visit the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms.
Go to the tourist information centre and ask for the following:

Time it opens in the morning
Time it closes in the evening
nearest tube station
discounts for groups of 5 people / for students
audioguides in Spanish
having lunch in the museum

Student B:
You have this information:

Open daily: 9.30 am- 6pm
Closed 24, 25, 26 December
Nearest tube station: Westminster (Jubilee, Dictrict or Circle Line)
or St. James’s Park (District and Circle Line)
All visitors are provided with a free personal. Acoustiguide sound guide, available in English (adult, family and visually impaired versions), Frenche, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch and Mandarin.
Adult: £14.95
Senior citizens: £12.00
Students: £12.00
Children: Under 16, free
Group Rates (10 or more): Adult group: £12.00
The Switch Room Café is a great place to relax and enjoy the culinary delights of our Head Chef, Kevin Gaffney. A delicious range of dishes are cooked here on the premises, using fresh, seasonal ingredients.


– Morning. How can I help you?
– Good morning, we are planning to visit the Cabinet War Rooms. What time does it open in the morning?
– It opens at 9.30.
– And what time does it closes in the evening?
– It closes at 6.00 but the last admissions are at 5.00.
– And which is the nearest tube station?
– Both Westminster and St James’s Park are quite close.
– And how much are the tickets?
– ₤14.95.
– Are there any discounts for groups of 5 people?
– I’m afraid not, there’s a special rate for groups of 10 or more people, but not for 5 …
– Are there any discounts for students?
– Yes, for students the price is just ₤12.00.
– Do they have audio – guides in Spanish?
– Yes, there are free audio – guides in several languages including Spanish.
– Just one more thing, is it possible to have lunch in the museum?
– It certainly is, at the Switch Room Café in the museum.
– Thank you very much, good bye!
– You are welcome, bye-bye.

Getting information

Student A:
Here you have some information about the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Your partner wants to go to the museum with his/her retired parents. Answer his/her questions.

Visit the Guggenheim Museum
Open Tuesday – Sunday from 10h00 to 20h00.
Adults: €11,00
Senior (65+): €6,50
Underground: Moyua
Shop on the ground floor

Student B:
You want to go to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao with your retired parents. Your partner has some information about the museum. Ask him/her some questions about it:

Opening times?
Every day?
Public transport?


– Hi! Enjoy your art class at school?
– No, I didn’t. When I was small I used to draw a lot, but not very well.
– How often do you visit museums?
– Not very often. I only visit the museums when I go on holiday.
– Why?
– Because It is when you can enjoy the free time. Besides, the museums of Huesca I
already visited them all.
– Do you like the modern art?
– Not really. I don’t understand it at all
– Who is your favorite painter?
– El Bosco
– Why do you like him?
– Because when I visited the Museo del Prado twenty years ago, I could see its
wonderful paintings in real-size. Ever since, I love the Bosco.
– Have you ever been to others famous art museums?
– Yes, I went to Guggenheim in Bilbao, amongst others.
– What did you like (the) most?
– What I liked most was the building of museum, It’s amazing!
– What did you like (the) least?
– What I liked least was the display. I think was by Kandinsky
– Do you have me information about the Guggenheim? I’d like to visit it with my parents.
– Yes, what do you need?
– What time is it opened?
– It is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
– Is it opened every day?
– No, it is not. It is closed on Monday
– How much is it to get there?
– Eleven Euros for adults
– And for retired people like my parents?
– Six and a half Euros for retired
– How can we get there?
– Take the underground and get off at Moyua station
– Are there any shops?
– Yes, there’s one in the ground floor
– It’s perfect for me. Thanks!
– Welcome

Renting a car

Student A: You are planning a week holiday in Ireland and you want to rent a car. Phone the Car Rental Office and book a car. Use the information below:

Book/ 6 days?
Minimum 7 seats (7 people including a baby)
Husband/wife /drive/ too?
Include/baby safety seat?
Cost?Credit card/cash?

Student B: You work for MCM Car Rental Office in Ireland. Somebody is going to phone you to rent a car. Use the information below:

Answer the phone.
Minimum time to rent a car: 5 days (15 euros each day).
Special offer: mini van Ford Freestar (with capacity for seven people).
No baby seats included.
Price of the van for 6 days: 120 euros.
Payment: only cash.


– Hello, Car Rental, can I help you?
– Hello, I’m planning a holiday in Ireland and I’d like to hire a car. Can I book a car for 6 days?
– Of course, sir/madam, indeed if you rent a car a minimum of five days it costs 15€ a day.
– I see, we’re seven people including a baby, what can you offer me?
– That’s fantastic, sir / madam, we’ve a special offer, a mini van Ford Freestar or similar.
– Can my husband drive too?
– No problem.
– Great, do you include a baby safety seat? / Is a baby safety seat included?
– No, sorry, I’m afraid we don’t / it isn’t.
– Um, and how much does it costs?
– Hold on a minute, yes, that’s it, 120€.
– 120€? But you’ve said 15€ a day…
– Yes, I know but the mini van is more expensive than other cars.
– Do I have to pay cash?
– No, no, you don’t. You can use any credit card.
– OK, thank you very much.

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