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Visiting a town

Premisa inicial:
You will have to speak about the topic for 2 minutes. Please mention the following points:

Olite (Navarra)


- Talk about a village/city/town you have recently visited.

– When did you go there?

– Who did you go with?

– What did you do there?

– What was the weather like?

– Did you try local food? If so, what was it like?

– What do you like most: towns of villages?. Why?

Monólogo sugerido

I visited Olite in Navarra last December. It's a lovely village where there is a wonderful castel and it's near to Huesca.

I went with my boyfriend and there we meet some friends coming from Bilbao.

The medieval castle and the square are the most famous places in Olite. It is near the Castle of Javier and the Monastery of Leyre too, where we also travelled.

We ate at restaurant called Parador of Olite. We tasted some vegetables which were delicious like asparagus of Navarra and peppers. We ordered the lamb for main course. Great food!.

It was cold because we were in December, although it was sunny.

I prefer villages to cities because I like walking in the countryside and I dislike walking around buildings. So when I go away I often choose rural areas.

Eating Out

Premisa inicial:
You will have to speak about the topic for 2 minutes. Please mention the following points:

Eating out


- How often do you eat out?

- Where do yo usually go when you eat out?

- How much do you usually pay when you eat out?

– Where do you usually go when you eat out?. Thai? Japanese? Italian?

– Do you ever eat greasy food? Salty? Sweet? Spicy?

– Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages when you eat out?. If so, what do you drink?

– Do you ever eat at McDonalds? KFC? Other fast food restaurants?

– Did you enjoy eating out in other countries you have visited? Which country had the best food? Which foods did you enjoy the most?

- Do you ever leave a tip at a restaurant? How much?

– Who pays when you go out for dinner?

– What's the worst experience you ever had at a restaurant?

– What's the most disgusting food you ever ate in a restaurant?

– Do you like eating at buffets? Why or why not?

– Do you ever have take away food? What kind of food?

Monólogo sugerido

I usually eat out once a week. My mother invite us to eat out all Sundays. Besides my mother, we go my older brother, his wife, my boyfriend and me.

We normally go to restaurant called "Paris". We sometimes go to others restaurants like "El Origen", "Montearagon", etc.

My mother always pays the bill. She invites us.

The food served in the Paris is homemade. I like it, but the Mexican food is my favourite because there, in Mexico, cooks with a lot of spices and that taste me good.

When I go to restaurant often order for some beer. I don't drink any wine and if it's at lunchtime I ask for water.

I never eat at fast food restaurants. I don't like them, but I enjoy eating in other countries like France and Belgium.

However I don't like the Dutch food. My worst experience was in The Netherlands where I ate a disgusting soup.

And finally, when I took away food, I order for pizzas, but I never order other fast food.


Premisa inicial:
You will have to speak about the topic for 2 minutes. Please mention the following points:



- When was the last time you travelled by plane? Where did you go? What did you there?

– How old were you when on your first flight? Where did you go?

– What was the longest flight you have ever taken?

– What sea do you prefer: window, centre or aisle?

– What are three things you're supposed to do before the flight takes off?

– What do you like to do during the flight?

– Would you like to be a flight attendant? What are the benefits and/or drawbacks?

– Are planes really safe than cars?

– What are the advantages of travelling by plane? What are the disadvantages?

Monólogo sugerido

I flew to Mallorca from Zaragoza last time I travelled by plane.

I went with two friends three years ago. We booked ours plane tickets in coach class online. I've never flown in first class.

The flight only lasted for forty minutes.

When I flew for the first time I was twenty-eight. I went to Paris from Barcelona in the year two thousand.

That is the longest flight I've ever been on.

Flying isn't as fast as people think, because you need to arrive at the airport in advance.

Once there, you have to check-in and to drop off your baggage, to wait for your flight, etc.

When the plane takes off I prefer sitting next to window, because I can see the sky and wonderful views of the Earth.

The most important advantage is the low cost, the popular prices of some airlines, but if I don't want to go far I prefer going by car because you can stop anywhere and any-time you want.


Premisa inicial:
You will have to speak about the topic for 2 minutes. Please mention the following points:



- Do you like shopping? When is the best time to go shopping?

– Do you ever buy on the sales? What kind of things do you buy?

– Do you prefer shopping alone or with friends/family?

– Which is better, shopping in shops or shopping online?

– What's the worst shopping experience you've had?

– Do you prefer shopping in malls, small shops or street markets?

– Have you ever bought something and then never really used it? What was it and why didn't you use it?

– What was the last thing you bought for yourself? Where did you buy it? Why did you buy it?

Monólogo sugerido

I don't really like shopping but I go when is necessary.

I often buy on the sales because it's much cheaper.

I look for clothes, shoes and gadgets on the sales.

For shopping clothes and shoes I prefer going alone but when I must to buy some gadgets I prefer going with somebody who knows them.

Since I’ve discovered the online shops, I prefer shopping on the Internet.

But my worst shopping experience was shopping online.

I bought a dress which didn't fit me, but the shop was from China and I couldn't give back because this was more expansive than the dress, so I never wore that dress.

So, I think it’s better to buy clothes in a shop because you can try on the clothes there, and if they suit you, you’ll be able to buy them in the act, and if they don’t suit you, you’ll be able to take back them.

Finally the last thing I bought for myself is a book entitled Snowman by Jo Nesbo, and for my birthday, a blue t-shirt very nice.

Staying in a hotel

Premisa inicial:
You will have to speak about the topic for 2 minutes. Please mention the following points:



- Talk about a hotel where you stayed at least one night.

– What was the hotel like?

– How much did it cost to stay?

– Describe the room and the hotel facilities.

– Would you stay there again? Why or why not?

Monólogo sugerido

I stayed in a hotel during three nights in Gerona last May.

The hotel was in Gerona, in the centre town, it was a four star hotel called La Joyosa.

I booked the hotel online because you can know in advance its cost, its facilities and its location.

I went with my boyfriend and we slept in a double room which was very spacious.

There was a TV, the Internet, a fridge, and the hotel was a restaurant, a car park, a swimming pool, a bar, etc.

It costed sixty Euros per night, thirty Euros per head.

I'd stay it again because the hotel was very nice and comfortable; the staff were helpful and friendly and the views of the town were wonderful.

It has a good price performance / ratio and I recommend it.