Inglés Nivel A1 de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas

Personal information


What / name?
/ like your name?
How / spell your surname?
/ have a big family?
What / email address?
What / do?
Why / need English?

- What's your name?

- My name's Anne

- Do you like your name?

- Yes, I do, it's a nice name. It's not bad.

- How do you spell your surname?

- My name's spelled so: A-N-N-E

- Do you have a big family?

- Yes, I do. There are four members in my family: my mother, two brothers and me, and a lot of cousins.

- What is your email address?

- Anne (as my name) Parker (as my surname) at gmail dot com.

- What do you do?

- Now I'm unemployed, so I'm studying, among other things, English.

- Why do you need English?

- I need English to find a new job.

Your flat/house


/ live in a house or flat?
Where / it?
Can you tell me about it?
What / your favourite room?
Can you describe it?
/ there a bus stop or an underground station near your house or flat?

- Do you live in a house or in a flat?

- I live in a flat. It's quite well.

- Where is it?

- It's in Huesca, in the center city.

- Can you tell about it?

- There's a kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms, other two rooms and a study.

- What's your favourite room?

- My favourite room is the living room.

- Can you describe it?

- Yes, I can. It is a big room, it's light. There's a comfortable sofa and an armchair, it also has a large table with six chairs, some shelves, a cupboard and a beautiful piano.

- Is there a bus stop or an underground station near your flat?

- Well, there isn't underground in Huesca, but there's a bus stop nex to my flat.

Can you...?


/ draw or paint well?
/ run eight kilometres without stopping?
/ do sudokus and crosswords?
/ play chess?
/ wear jeans at work / school?
/ sit where you want in class?
/ park easily in your street?

- Can you draw or paint well?

- No, I can't. I draw very bad.

- Can you run eight kilometres without stopping?

- Yes, I can. When I start I can't stop walking.

- Can you do sudokus and crosswords?

- Yes, I can, but I'm not fond of crosswords.

- Can you play chess?

- Yes, I can but I hardly ever play it.

- Can you wear jeans at work?

- Yes, I can. I don't wear a uniform at work.

- Can you sit where you want in class?

- Yes, I can, but I usually sit in the same place.

- Can you park easily in your street?

- No, I can't, but I have a garage and I park here.

Time and dates


What / the time now?
What time / the class finish?
When / birthday?
When / like getting up on Sunday?
When / your next holiday?
What / favourite month? Why?
What / the date yesterday?

- What is the time now?

- It's a quarter to eight.

- What time do the class finish?

- The class usually finishs at nine o'clock

- When is your birthday?

- My birthday is on the tenth of January.

- When do you like getting up on Sunday?

- I like getting up early on Sunday, at eight o'clock, to seize the day.

- When is your next holiday?

- My next holiday is on the twenty.second of June.

- What is your favourite month?

- My favourite month is April.

- Why?

- Because it's warm, without very hot and cold, also it usually rains and I love when it rains.

- What is the date yesterday?

- It was on the twentieth of May yesterday.

The past (be)


Where / born?
When / father born?
Where / you at 4.30 yesterday afternoon?
Who / you with at this time yesterday?
What / your favourite game when you were eight?
/ you at home last night at 10.30?

- Where were you born?

- I was born in a town called Barbastro, in Huesca.

- When was your father born?

- He was born in nineteen twenti-five.

- Where were you at half past four yesterday afternoon?

- I was studying English at home.

- Who were you with at this time yesterday?

- I was a classmate, because we were an exam and we studied all evening.

- What were your favourite game when you were eight?

- When I was eight I used to play lots of games. My favourite was... I don't remember.

- Were you at home last night at half past ten?

- No, I wasn't. I was at mother's. I had dinner her.

Everyday activities


What time / usually get up?
Where / usually have breakfast?
What / usually have?
Who / have lunch with?
When / go to bed?
What / do at weekends?

- What time do you usually get up?

- I usually get up at seven o'clock. I never want to get up because it's very early, but I get up late at the weekend.

- Where do you usually have breakfast?

- I usually have breakfast at home, before I have a shower, the I get dressed.

- What do you usually have for breakfast?

- I usually have coffee with milk and cereals for breakfast.

- Who do you have lunch with?

- I have lunch with my mother but at weekend I have lunch with my partner.

- When do you go to bed?

- I usually go to bed early because I like reading in the bed.

- What do you do at weekends?

- Now it's usually warm and I go for a walk in the morning at weekends. I go to a restaurant with my friends at night.

How often...?


/ speak in English outside class?
/ have dinner with friends?
/ eat red meat?
/ sleep badly?
/get to class late?
/ go to the dentist?

- How often do you speak in English outside class?

- I hardly ever speak in English outside class. I like speaking more but I'm lazy.

- How often do you have dinner with friends?

- I have dinner with my friends twice a month.

- How often do you eat red meat?

- I eat red meat four times a week.

- How often do you sleep badly?

- I never sleep badly. I sleep good all nights.

- How often do you get to class late?

- I occasionally get late, but I usually get to class early.

- How often do you go to the dentist?

- I go to the dentist once a year. I never want to go to the dentist.

Describe a friend


What / his or her name?
Where / live?
What / do?
Where / meet for the first time?
How often / see him or her?
What / have in common?

- What's his or her name?

- Her name is Cristina

- Where does she live?

- She lives in Huesca, in a flat nex to park

- What does she do?

- She's a nurse. She works in a hospital.

- Where did you meet the first time?

- I met her at school when I was ten.

- How often do you see her?

- We usually meet on Thursdays in the gym and on Saturdays to go out, twice a week.

- What do you have in common?

- We have in common that we like cooking and a good conversation.

Free time


How much free time / have?
What sports / play?
What kind / music / like?
How often / go to the cinema?
What / like doing at weekends?
What / do when you want to relax?

- How much free time do you have?

- I don't have any free time during the week. I have more free time at weekends.

- What sports do you play?

- I don't play any sports. I don't like them.

- What kind of music do you like?

- I like all kinds, really. I usually listen to classical music.

- How often do you go to the cinema?

- I go to the cinema every month, but I prefer watching films at home.

- What do yo like doing at weekends?

- I like going for a walk, I love going out to eat and I like watching films at home.

- What do you do when you want to relax?

- I often have a bath to relax and before I like reading a good book.

The past simple


What / do last night?
What / have for dinner?
What time / leave home this morning?
How many hours / sleep last night?
Who / lunch with yesterday?
How / come to class today?
When / start studying English here?

- What did you do last night?

- I did homework at home and I studied all night.

- What did you have for dinner?

- I had pizza for dinner and I also ate ice cream.

- What time did you leave home this morning?

- I left home at eight o'clock this morning.

- How many hours did you sleep last night.

- I slept seven hours. I slept very well.

- Who did you have luch yesterday?

- I had lunch at mother's yesterday with my family.

- How did you come to class today?

- I went by car to class today because it was raining.

- When did you start studying English here?

- I started studying English here in October. This is my first year.



Why / study English?
What book / read at the moment?
/ it rain now?
What / your teacher wear?
What / your best friend do at the moment?

- Why are you studying English?

- I'm studying English to work and like hobby.

- What book are you reading at the moment?

- At the moment, I'm reading "The third men" by Graham Greene.

- Is it raining now?

- Yes, it is. It's raining at the moment. / No, it isn't. It isn't raining now.

- What is your teacher wearing?

- She's wearing a black t-shirt and a dark trousers.

- What is your best friend doing at the moment?

- She's working in an office at the moment.

Por último


Adaptar estos diálogos a las expresiones que mejor o más hayáis ensayado
Repasad los diálogos de los apartados "Practical English" del libro
Una útil ficha de inicio y finalización de conversación en diversas situaciones: Starting and endig conversations
Algunas expresiones para alargar los diálogos:

- Sorry, I don't understand, can you repeat that, please?

- Can you spell it?

- Excuse me, what's "llave" in English?

- "Llave" in English says "key" / It says "key"

- No problem.

- Can you speak more slowly, please?

- Have you finished? / Are you done?

- That's all / Nothing else

- What's the time, please?

- Sorry, I'm late

- Don´t worry

- Have a nice day!

- Welcome (De nada)


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